Berlin historical tour and city walk

Berlin Historical tour and city walk
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The history of the great city of Berlin began in the 13th century. Originally there were 2 settlements on either side of the Spree River, Colln and Berlin. Colln was first mentioned in 1237 while Berlin was first mentioned in 1244.

For centuries the city has prospered and expanded, and the even though different rulers and different nations has had a hold of the city, then the city has stayed true to it self, and it has always recovered from the dark chapters in it’s history.

The fact that Berlin raises after it has taken a fall is no better proven than how the city managed to recover after total destruction hit Berlin during World War 2, where first allied bombing raids levelled large parts of the city to the ground and later as the “Battle of Berlin” laid the remaining parts of the city as a waste land. This was then followed by the cold war era, where Berlin as Germany where split in two for decades, but still Berlin managed to return to its glory.

Shortly after the unifications of Germany, and thereby Berlin, the city became the capital of a united Germany and today the city seems to be flourish more than ever – And traces of old as well as modern history can be found all over the city.

The guide to Berlin

The guide to the city will lead you through the historical part of the city, and it includes detailed descriptions of 33 of the most important sites and buildings, and will guide you through the entire city covering the entire history from ancient times to present day.

Historical map

The historical guide to Berlin uses a GPS powered map which will give you an overview of the city, and will make sure you will always be able to find the historical sites you are looking for.

Description of 33 historical important places

33 of the historically important places in Berlin are described in detail in the guide. The descriptions of the places are given in text, pictures from present day and from the past times and markings of the specific places on a map is included.

The history of Berlin

The guide also provides a detailed description covering the entire known history span of the city, from when it was founded to present day.


By using TTS, short for “Text To Speech,” the guide will act as an audio guide and will read the texts out loud to you. The functionality uses the built in TTS voice of your device, meaning that the size of the guide app is kept low.

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