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The guide to Ostia Antica covers the entire area of was used to be the main port of Ancient Rome. Many of the supplies that came to Rome from around the Mediterranean landed at Ostia and were transported to Rome either by road or by smaller boats up the river Tiber. Ostia quickly grew from being a small port to a vast town with a big theatre, some high class housing and several baths and taverns.

The ancient city had big warehouses and lots of smaller buildings for trading companies, transport companies and much much more. The town was buzzing with life, foreign languages, different cultures and smells of different goods from around the known world.

Present-day Ostia Antica is a huge excavation site, and excavations are still going on. The area is placed just outside of Rome near the coastline and can easily be reached by train or car. The area is BIG, and it is suggested that you plan on spending the better part of a full day in the area if you want to experience it all.

The guide to Ostia

The guide for Ostia Antica will lead you through the entire museum and excavation site. The guide includes description of 41 buildings, and will provide a variety of features.

GPS area map

The guide for Ostia uses a GPS powered map, that will give you an overview of the site. Also, if you allow GPS tracking, then the guide will show your exact position in the excavation site.

Description of 41 buildings

All the 41 excavated buildings, in the Ostia Antica excavation, are described in the guide. The description are given in text that can be read out loud to you using TTS (automatic text to speech functionality) and it includes pictures from present day, markings of the specific building on a map and 3D models or sketches of what the buildings used to look like.

The background of Ostia Antica

The guide provides a detailed description covering the entire known history span of Ostia, from the first settlement to present day.

Audio guide

By using TTS, short for “Text To Speech” the guide will read the texts in the app out loud to you, and thereby act as an audio guide. The functionality uses your device’s building TTS voice, meaning that the size of the guide app to Ostia Antica is kept low.

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