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The Guide covers the entire history of Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico was the centre for the Mayan Empire for hundreds of years.

The ancient city was a center for commerce and trade, religion, culture and the political powers for a vast period of time.

Chichen Itza had large stadiums, massive temples and religious buildings, but also administrative buildings/offices as well. It’s believed that the city area was vast, but most of the buildings have not left any notable ruins behind, except for the buildings that can be seen at the museum today.

The city’s water supply came from cenotes filled from underwater rivers, and like many other cultures, the water was considered sacred. One of the cenotes was believed to give access to the world of the ancient gods, which is why many sacrifices, including human sacrifices, were made at the Sacred Cenote.

The guide to Chichen Itza

The guide to Chichen Itza will lead you through the entire museum/excavation site. The guide includes description of 49 of the most important excavated structures, and will provide a variety of functions.

Area map

The guide to Chichen Itza uses a GPS powered map, that will give you an overview of the site. Also, if you allow GPS tracking, then the guide will show your exact position in the excavation site.

Description of 21 buildings

21 of the most important buildings, in the Chichen Itza museum, are described in the guide. The description are given in text that can be read out loud to you using TTS (automatic text to speech functionality) and it includes pictures from present day, markings of the specific building on a map and 3D models or sketches of what the buildings used to look like.

The background history of Chichen Itza

The guide provides a detailed description covering the entire known history span of Chichen Itza, all the way up to present day.

Audio guide

By using TTS, short for “Text To Speech” the guide will read the texts in the app out loud to you, and thereby act as an audio guide. The functionality uses your device’s building TTS voice, meaning that the size of the guide app to Chichen Itza is kept low.

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