Sigthseeing at your own pace

Wandering across your favorite historical cities is awesome, and if you want to fuel up your wanderlust in a fuss-free manner, then the guided tours and city walks from Sites Of History is the right thing for you. Sites of History brings you a great opportunity to explore new places on foot and at your own pace. We provide you with a detailed guided tour including detailed descriptions of all historical places in multiple cities. The app is indeed useful whether you are traveling alone or want to explore cities as a group.

The guide app is free to download for both Apple and Android devices.

With our historical tour guide, you will get all the needed tools to get a great sightseeing tour or city walk. The app will provide you with a personal digital guide including maps, audio guides, images and background history of all places of historical significance in the city or museums.

You can easily wander across your favorite city and get new details and insights, or you can explore new places, museums or entire cities on your own. This app makes sure that you know the city like the back of your hand.

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With our detailed tour guide, you will get all historical information about your favorite city or museum. Exploring every nook of the city will be easy and stress free and you can use this app to explore hidden gems in cities worldwide. The app is flooded with detailed information about the local area, everything right at your fingertips.